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If someone comes to me and says, ‘Give me your money and I’ll double it in 2 years’, I just close the door on that person because
a) it is too good to be true, otherwise all of us would be stinking rich.
b) Every day in the newspaper, there is some financial fraud happening.
So how can I trust anyone with my money?

But in my last video, ‘How to Buy a House Before 25’, we have learnt that if we want to get rich we need to invest smart.

So Ladies and Gentlemen also, if you have no clue about Mutual Funds, today, by the end of this video, you will be 10 times smarter, financially. Because, I will tell you….

1) What are Mutual Funds and what are the different types?

2) How to pick the best Mutual Funds?

3) A Step by Step Tutorial on how to open a Mutual Funds account.

Just so that we are clear, this video is not sponsored. So I don’t care which Mutual Fund you chose. I’ll just give you the right information like I educate my younger sister about investment.


1) How to Buy A House Before Turning 25: https://youtu.be/zVbSJlQ4kz4
2) SIP Calculator: http://bit.ly/TUF-SIP
3) Return Value Calculator: http://bit.ly/TUF-Returns



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